Steve thought I was crazy for buying this pack to carry Cooper ($40 on craigslist) and I thought he was crazy for thinking I wouldn't get a pack. Anyways, I barely managed to get it into my luggage when we flew out and I was so glad I did....so was Cooper.
We started the morning out with Emerald Pools Hike.
The lower part of the falls.
I love red rock.
Cooper loves his ride!
Hiking to the next pool jumping across the pond
The top of the falls at the upper pool
Cute Kate and Kenedee (she is the best poser)
Me and Coops
Taking a snack break.
Swapping packs and back down the trail.
Cooper thought it was time for a snooze.
Love this pic of my dad in deep thought
Group photo, how great are the mountains here!
"hey mom, you wanna hook me up with a piggy-back too?" jk
Back down to the grotto.

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