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I am testing you Martha Stewart. I saw you do this on your show today and happened to have a pomegranate sitting on my counter so I got up and tried it myself. Conclusion: Martha is a genius (well supposedly she learned this from an Indian man so he's the real genius...his name unknown). So now I must share this great trick:
(seriously you will never retrieve seeds another way again)

Score the peel, meaning slightly cut the surface of the pomegranate into quarters. Then stick the knife in slight at the top to help start to split the pomegranate open.
Pull the two halves apart with both hands. Do not cut open with knife.
Do it over a bowl to catch any loose seeds. Now you have two halves.
Repeat again with the halves. Pull apart so you have 4 quarters.
Now, take one quarter in your hand and grab a wooden spoon, hold over a bowl and smack the pomegranate pretty firmly and the seeds should just start falling into the bowl. Don't be scared, hit it.
You shouldn't have to use your hands to pick out the seeds. Just smack until all of them just fall out, like magic ;)
Now you should have a bowl full of seeds and four cavernous pomegranate quarters.
I hope you thought it was as easy as I did, this definitely beats picking all the seeds out by hand.
YAH for a bowl of seeds to snack...YUM, just look at that juicy capsule.


Mr & Mrs Smith said...

THANK YOU! I have been turned off to buy them because of the hassle of getting the dang seeds out! Can't wait to try that out! :)

Bryan and Marissa said...

That is so fabulous!!! I have hated getting the seeds out of those things! But I sure love eating them!

Nathan and Sarah said...

I loved on that same episode how she juiced the pomegranate with a juice press. I had no idea you could do that! Great tips! I also love that you share new tricks with people! That is so awesome!


The Mortensens said...

Ummm...Kennedy is sitting here drooling over this. She and Dan L O V E these! We never knew how to open one though without a mess. You are the best!

Happy Snacking!

Mr & Mrs Smith said...

Kelli- I was going to send you a message to see if you were going to be in IF for Christmas or sometime...I live in Boise, so I am not there right now but will be there next weekend? Will you still be there?

Mr & Mrs Smith said...

Bummer! I am sad to have missed you. Next time you go to IF we need to plan to get together to go to dinner or at least hang out. Hope you have fun with the fam! :)

Anonymous said...

MMMM pomegranate! What a great thing to know. I have to wonder, how does Martha figure this stuff out? Was she lying around her house one day with a pomegranate and a wooden spoon in hand?

Mr & Mrs Smith said...

kellie- i think you are still out of town...but I am waiting for a new post from you little missy! ;)

Dana said...

Okay, I tried this yesterday and it totally worked! I love this trick. I am showing this to my dad because he is a serious pomegranate fan.