this man is 30

Well today is my brother's birthday which is definately worthy of a post and give a shout out but I really thought it was beneficial to include this awesome pic his wife sent over of the cool man she married. This guy never stops imagining, constructing, and creating. He has built some cool things in his day but this...now this is sweet. Cool Dad letting his cool son in on the fun of mowing the lawn. HAPPY 30th KRISTOPHER!


The Mortensen's said...

Happy B-day Kristopher! Thanks for years of playing chase at Grandma Shirl's! You were always nice to share your black olives off your plate with me!

Love the kid friendly lawn mower! We may have to copy you on that one! Awesome!!!

The Barnos said...

Happy Birthday old man! I forget I am the oldest of that age group of cuz's.
And I am sooooo impressed by that mower. I need that. In fact on Saturday I was mowing the lawn and wishing I had something for the kids so I could keep track of them since you're deafened by the mower. Market and sale those puppies and I'll be first in line to buy it!!!

Jackie said...

I have never liked Kristopher more than right now!! That is an amazing invention.

The Mortensen's said...

K - I just showed my hubby Dan and we need one...please market this!!!!