better than christmas

As some of you may know Steve will be graduating in a couple of weeks here with his PharmD and MBA and so to celebrate the occasion Steve's present is a new set of irons. He apparently has been dreaming of this moment for a few years he says (the new irons, specifically). They had to be ordered in from the PGA store because Steve wanted 4 through Pitching Wedge instead of 3 through Sand Wedge. For the past week every day Steve has been asking if the UPS man has come yet. The day finally arrived though and the beauty of the Callaway box arrived on our doorstep.

This is a quote from Steve from our text conversation (while he was at work) informing him that they had in fact...arrived.

ME: Today might be the best day ever.
STEVE: What do you mean?
ME: I think you know what I mean.
STEVE: Did my dream clubs get here ?!!!!!
ME: I have a Callaway box right here, I thought you'd be excited.
STEVE: That just made my day. I was so tired and just blah today, but now this, this is something great!

Taking them immediately to the driving range to try them out.


The Hunters said...

Oh my gosh, so funny! Your Steve and my Steve would get along great. Steve was the same way the other day waiting for the new golf spikes he ordered. Gongrats to him for almost being done with school. What an exciting time!

Ben, Jill, and Brooklyn Watts said...

Okay, so I went through the EXACT same thing last year with Ben and his new Callaway clubs (custom ordered too.) Aren't they so funny? Congrats to you guys on finishing school though, exciting, what's next on the agenda?

google said...
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Andrus Family said...

Congratulate Steve on graduating. Kevin is really jealous of the coveted Callaway clubs! So, what's next for the Clarks?

Carter Family said...

Looks like true love to me! Those are some sweet clubs! Hole in 1, numero 2 on its way.

The Keetch Family said...

Yeah! What a great graduation present! Are you guys excited to be done with school? What are your plans afterward??? Chad got his dream set last spring...I told him I didn't even want to know the price tag. They deserve it...right? But then he ordered a new putter last week. Hello...what happened to the expensive putter you got last year???? Whatever!

So do you know the Partridges? I saw that Kandis was on their blog. Tyler and Chad were good friends at BYU and we've kept in touch with them over they years. Small world.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! So nice for BOTH of you that he'll be done soon. Does that mean you'll be moving away or will you stay there for work?