a renaissance affair

So I used to think this was only in Georgia but apparently all you other states join in on this weird/crazy fun as well. We hit up the Renaissance Festival Saturday with the Barlows and the Howells. After looking at these pics I'm sure all of you will be googling a Renaissance Festival in your area. Yeah you're jealous, I know, I mean what could be better than giant turkey legs, pet geese, sword juggling, tight rope walking and a mingling of elves, goths, pirates, gypsies, acrobats, and wenches among the crowd.


The Moore Family said...

Kell! We have one out by our house every February through April! This one in Georgia looks exactly like ours. We think that it is a huge pain, especially Andy! He works at a pharmacy right across the street from the festival and all day long he gets these crazy people (with their chests hanging out) in the store to use the bathroom, or shower in the bathroom! :) They basically camp there for two months! We are happy it is over!!

Kellie & Steve said...

I know the people are seriously crazy, you don't know where you've landed hanging out at one of these things.

Bryan and Marissa said...

Good Times guys! Good Times!