easter escape

We were still on vacae for Easter but we did dye easter eggs in the hotel room with the marbelizing kit Kandis brought. There was a mini fridge in the room so we kept our eggs cool overnight and brought them down to breakfast the next morning.

EASTER FOR TWO YEAR OLDS: candy with a chocolate mustache = best day ever

Steve couldn't believe the Easter bunny found him in Destin.

What is it with guys thinking they are so funny? (our easter eggs, with the coveted Mrs. Cavanaughs Mindy Mint Egg)


The Hunters said...

um... nice...eggs, Steve!

Hannah LaRue said...

Easter in a hotel-doesnt get better than that. Yall are too funny. Can you believe Mich is engaged. We really do need to have a girls night before the wedding day. For real this time.

Anonymous said...

Those are saggy....hahaha