bike week 2008

Man Heaven - a plethora of motorcycles everywhere...Steve and his Dad were in love in Daytona this past weekend seeing all the amazing bikes. Steve found his love in a BMW sport bike. They were able to test drive a bunch of bikes (BMWs, Harley's, Spider), take luxury drives along the beach coastline, eat manly food like steaks, drive the main street drag, hang with fellow bikers, and just simply feel cool.

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The beach ride

Daytona International Speedway; Main Street; bikes everywhere instead of cars; the wall of death - they ride sideways in a big tube.

Steve and his bad self.

His favorite Harley; The Spider; Cool bike; angels sound 'ahhhhhhh' THE BEAMER BIKE = love

Riding the Spider - 2 wheels in front, one in back; 2 cool bikes; last one is a bike with a V8 car engine.

They couldn't stop talking about the trip after they got home last night. I am glad they returned home safe but it was even better seeing their faces and the fun male-bonding trip they had.


Adam, Kandis, & Miss Kenedee said...

Those are some pretty sweet pics! I'm still cracking up about their bike week, that is a ton of black leather walking around that place. Those bikes looked awesome to test drive, go Steve-o!

mwaymo said...

Wow you are brave to let your hubby do that! Motorcycles freak me out! Looks like fun though!

Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...
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Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...

Hey, Mandy and I picked that Harley VRSCDX as our next bike at the motorcycle show in the World Congress Center in January. (its'a verrry niiiice) If you get that BMW k1200 before we upgrade (you know, as a second early graduation present), we should get together.
Looks like you had lots of fun, we're jealous!

Tiff and Dave said...

Sounds like a fun "man" week! My husband always talks about getting a bike, but I'm not ready for that! They make me nervous! Hey you need to check out Chels's blog blakeandchelsie.blogspot.com. She has a link to you, but I don't think she told anyone she started one!

The Barnos said...

I have to know-Did Steve ever wear chaps? With fringe?
I would be afraid to ride a Harley. What if a Harley gang came and started a fight? I can't win! Glad they had fun!

Kellie & Steve said...

no fringe unfortunately.

Jackie said...

This is so manly I don't even know what to say!

Those are awesome pics. I can say that. :)

Glad he loved it!

Emily said...

My parent were also there. No not on bikes, for business. My mom said she had never seen more bikers in her whole life. You're awesome to support him in that hobbie! Fun!