frank lloyd wright - you've heard of him right?

We were at a class christmas party during undergrad for my Graphic Design class like five years ago and we did a gift exchange. Being that we were of the design mind, everyone brought design-related gifts. Steve was the lucky winner of a Frank Lloyd Wright coffee table book and everyone thought it wasa great book....except for Steve. He is like "who is this guy?" I just laughed because he was a well known person to everyone in the room. We've joked ever since that time whenever we hear his name.

So today on one of my favorite blogs design*sponge she posted this great link to a computer graphic movie highlighting his most famous house (he is an architect for those who don't know). It's a pretty sweet vid - check it out
Don't you want to move in?

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Kristen said...

dude, I've totally heard of him. He built a house here in Chicago a couple of blocks away from where we live. It looks pretty sweet.