Invites to our family party this year. Yes the little Coops is TWO!

Cooper and some presents from mom and dad and the grandparents. He thought birthdays were turning into something pretty cool.

After much debate we ended up getting Cooper his first bike. I was closed to getting a trike but he has some love for bikes these days and his eyes lit up at the store on the bike so that's what we came home with.

Setting up for the party later.

Party loot

Streamers and homemade circle streamers hung down from our loft.

I sewed paper circles together - 8 colors, 4 circles per sheet, and 8 sheets per color handcut. You do the math.

That afternoon we took the bike out for the first test ride.

Steve a little jealous of the bike

And what is a birthday or any day without a game of chase. This game never gets old (for Cooper at least)

Me and my birthday boy.

Hanging out with brother.

Later for the party, singing and blowing out candles.

The inside of the cake cut, SURPRISE everybody!

Yummy cake mom!

Eating with the cousins.

Opening presents later.

An attempted family pic, what a fun day for a two year old.

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