colored cake

For Cooper's Birthday this year I didn't get too themey and decided to just focus on colors instead. With that, I wanted to make a tie-dyed cake like I'd seen all over the web recently. It started with some white cake mix that I separated into 4 different bowls.and colored.

Then I poured into cake pans glops at a time.

After all the mix was glopped in (left), I shook the pan a little to get it to smooth out (right)

I did the same with cupcakes for a later party as well.

Two of the three layers ready to bake.

Cake baked.

Cupcakes all baked.

Starting the stacking, made my own vanilla frosting.

The finished cake. I used candy melts to make the circles on top. Can't wait to eat this tomorrow, hope the kids like it!

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Jillian said...

I love the cake & cupcakes they turned out so cute. And by the way I can never show my kids the kind of party you throw.....I would never live it down. You are one FUN mom. Happy Birthday Coop!