enjoying 5 inches

We were pretty excited about the amount of snow the night before so I went out on my deck the next morning and took a measurement.

And we got 5 INCHES!

Cooper had to come with me and survey the scene. He looked hilarious.

Even icicles were hanging around.

We took Cooper out later for a walk and he enjoyed himself, although it was a little icy.

Even this cold face is still smiling.

This snow stuff is pretty cool mom.

We enjoyed the snow while it stayed soft. We ended up getting some freezing rain later that day which turned the whole top layer everywhere into an ice sheet. That made for some sweet roads for a few days.

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Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Sweet! Isn't it insane how everything shuts down in the south because of the snow...and you're thinking, "this is nothin'!" Hope you saved a snowball in your freezer! It's tradition ya know!