congrats, we sat through a whole meal

See this face? Don't be deceived by it's cuteness...

Anytime we've gone out recently this kid would not sit still or hardly eat. It was really bugging us because eating out is something we enjoy weekly. BUT today this kid surprised us and ate like a champ and stayed at the table the whole meal. Congratulations to us, we have won this time.

Thank you Cooper, you have restored our faith in your eating out abilities.

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Blake Jones said...

We have had problems eating out ever since Remi was born. We tried it again on Saturday and it is actually easier now with 4 than it was with 3, 2, or 1. Maybe it was just the night though. We'll have to go out again and see if it really is easier, or just a lucky day:) Hopefully Cooper keeps being good for you. He is so cute!