My little homemade dragon, thanks Martha Stewart!

We spent our Halloween weekend at three places. First stop was Saturday afternoon at the Avenues for Trick or Treating. Cooper had no idea what was happening, he just liked looking at all these crazy kids dressed up.

Next stop was the Trunk-or-Treat in which we pulled out a full Medieval Trio. Yes, Steve wanted to dress up and did his costume himself.

Enjoying the view with dad while eating a sucker. He had three that day.

Our friends the Schlossers aka Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam. (We were glad other families got into the costumes as well)

Sunday night we had a family party and these are the cousins dressed up as Jessie, Woody, and Buzz.

And this is Cooper again, side view and frontal view. I had fun making his costume and it made it even better cause he was still scooting.


Dana said...

Kellie, I love his costume. I know I told you a million times already but it's so cute!
I was so impressed that Steve dressed up, too. Maybe he can convince Ty to dress up next year ;)

Jackie said...

Your costumes are so awesome! Well done, Clarks.

c said...

all hail sir steve and lady kellie and their scooting red dragon!

Chels and Blake said...

You are amazing Kelly!!! I always love to check your blog and see what cool things you are doing! What a cute little guy! Hope you are doing great! I'd love to see you if you are in IF over the holidays!!