apple treats pumpkin eats

Its our 6th annual trek to the Apple Festivals and Burts Farm in North Georgia. Today was going to be a great day.

We enjoyed yummy apple treats for lunch while we saw all sorts of apple things to buy.

Cousin Tate loved her apple snacks.

Out in the apple Orchards.

Playing on the tractors for pictures.

Now to Burts Farm.

Cooper thought the huge pumpkins were fun to play with.

He's a big kid now.

All the pumpkin varieties

La Familia

Cooper having a good day.


lyndel said...

I love reading your blog. And your photographs are fantastic too!

c said...

how many years have you been posting about burts farm? and i still get pumpkin patch envy every time!

lindsey said...

I think Cooper is SOOOOO cute too!!! :) I REALLY wanted to have a girl, but when I saw you and your little guy I knew that it'd be fun to have a boy too! And it is!

And I love love his Halloween shirt.