kelly cutrone? here?

If any of you have watched The Hills or The City before you may have heard of the no-nonsense Kelly Cutrone from People's Revolution. Would you want to work for her? I know, that was kind of me too. But I heard she was going to be doing a book signing at our Borders and thought she may be pretty interesting to hear speak. So Coop's and me took off to Buckhead for a full house of twenty-somethings to fifty-somethings. It was a fun few hours and after the event I picked up her book, sold.


The Keetch Family said...

I thought she was so scary last season but now she is so sweet to Whitney and I think she is awesome:) fun you got to hear her.

Melissa said...

Wow! Did she hold her tongue or let it all come out as usual?? What was the book about??