animals in cages

We've had a great week hanging out with Kandis and the kids. She kept us busy with fun things to do all day. The weekend excitement continued with a trip to the Phoenix Zoo.
We couldn't quite tell if Cooper was noticing the animals or not but he seemed to have a good time.
Aww yeah animals in cages.
Cooper was mostly excited to be hanging out with his dad who finally came on the tail-end of the trip to finish the visit for the weekend.
the zoo never fails to entertain
on Safari
Lincoln really started taking a liking towards Cooper near the end of the trip and gave him multiple kisses on BOTH cheeks daily.
Our little family.
For dinner we met up with my old college friend Justin who I haven't seen in 7 years! It was fun eating pizooki's at Oreganos and sharing some good laughs. Thanks for the date you guys!

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A. Kuhni said...

It was so fun seeing you and meeting your husband and little guy. We really hope you make it this way even more often! So glad that you got to do so many things while you were here. Kandis took good care of you!