weekend in italy

Well not quite but hopefully someday. We spent a wedding weekend in Orlando for Steve's friend Ben's wedding. Steve was asked to be a groomsman so we made the trek to Orlando.

It was fun dressing up the little man.
The wedding party - Steve, top row second from right
The Bride and Groom, Ben & Melissa
The twins
Stained glass inside the Catholic church, Cooper thought it was cool.
The family of three
At the dinner/reception later
Isn't he just getting cuter, the smiles are coming out.
"Celebrate good times c'mon!"
The wedding reception
Later that evening, a view from the water.
An evening stroll, this place rocked.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...
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Hannah LaRue said...

cute pictures. very pretty place.

Scott and Tangi Larsen said...

so fun, cooper is so cute, he is growing so fast and I haven't even seen him. You look great too.

c said...

he's adorable, kel.

and look at you with the short hair! it's fab.

dallin+michelle said...

okay DREAMY vacation spot! too lucky... really does look like europe. and little mister cooper!!! is a doll :) and lovin' the short blond cut ko! i'm going to call you after thanksgiving to come visit :) see the place, see the little new man, see my favorite kellie!! okay?