day 4 / Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge - 11 miles

Monday we headed south again to cruise around Wall Street and the World Trade Center site. The architecture again was very cool and just as different from other parts of the city. Below is the original capitol building where George Washington was sworn in. On the right, the New York Stock Exchange.
BMW on Wall Street? YES!
Awesomely big door
The famous Charging Bull on Wall Street. Steve had to get the money shot.
World Trade Center construction, also the paraphenalia in the church across the street from it.

A visit to Erin's pad. Nice lobby right?
The commons living room area, how cool is this? Can we move in?
Subway across the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge.
Grimaldi's Pizza for lunch under the Brooklyn Bridge, worth the hour wait? Heck yes!
Now for the 3/4 mile walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, great views of the city.

The piers by Hudson River on the West side, a nice sunset and off to see the new Terminator.

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Erin and Corey said...

Nice. You made my apt. look much cooler than it really is. Of course you can move in! Just come sleep in the kitchen. You wouldn't even have to leave bed to grab something out of the fridge. Love the sunset picture by the way. That's one thing Corey and I want to do before we leave.