day 1 / Midtown - 8 miles

Well we made it to New York Friday afternoon and had some killer views of the city from our plane, a nice tipoff to the trip ahead. FYI - I wore my pedometer everyday to track our mileage and it def added up. First Day = 8 miles, yeah believe it.

First stop the Empire State Building.
Scenic View all the way around. (lower manhattan)
Chillin at the top of the world
We then headed over to the famous Macy's just to check things out.
Heading back to our hotel the Affinia Dumont
Unknowingly to us we had booked a one bedroom suite which turned out to be a treat. We were on the top floor (37th) and had great views of the city. We felt pretty cool that's for sure, a great place to come back to at the end of the day.
After we settled in we headed back out for the evening to explore the midtown area, hooked up our Metro Cards and were ready to cruise the city. I would just like to say Steve became quite the photographer on this trip.
The MOMA was "free" Friday nights so we headed there to check things out.

Courtyard at the MOMA
Next stop Rockefeller Center. Steve loves the show 30 Rock and a lot of other biz goes down here obviously. Cool building, cool place to chill.
After some great Japanese/sushi at Haru it was on to Times Square, Steve loved it here. So many people just looking at a bunch of lights, haha.
Me and baby on the street.
And that completes day one, can't wait for more.


Stef said...

how fun! I've been wanting to visit NYC fot a while

Sabrina said...

Did you really walk around NYC for 8 miles in those yellow flip flops? Weren't your feet killing you? Silly girl!

Kellie said...

Only the flip flops for that evening, still, bad mistake.