the love of the game

I want to know if all you golf lovers love golf as much as this guy. Steve's work was having a fundraising golf tournament a few weeks back and he was invited to play in it. He was pretty excited and to prep for such a thing he tenderly washed and dried each club until his bag was set for play. I have never seen him do this but he tells me you have to clean your clubs often. He definitely takes care of his stuff. Go Steve!


Melissa said...

Oh I know all about the golf obsession! It drives me crazy sometimes! My hubby grew up golfing and loves it so for our first anniversary guess what i got...golf clubs!! He even talked me into letting him go to the US Open in San Diego this year for his 30th b-day. Dream come true for the guy to be face to face with THE TIGER WOODS!! I have since picked up on it and enjoy an occasional round, but I totally understand the male golfing obsession!! Too bad the sport isn't free to play like basketball or football! :)

B. said...

can u say O.C.D.? Let me know when he starts counting out loud or opening an closing doors over an over!

c said...

awww...steve and his first wife. such a beautiful scene. :)