One of the classic things to see here is Stone Mountain which my parents had seen but had not experience what is...the lasershow. They have a bunch of lasers choreographed to music and shine it up on the mountain. It's a pretty good southern time. You can also hike up on top of the mountain which we did almost a year ago or take a tram up the mountain which we did like three years ago. Stone Mountain is claimed by some to be the largest exposed granite 'stone' in the world. Three figures of the Confederate States of America are carved there: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.

Dinner picnic, good 'ole fried chicken
These two could eat popcorn all day...seriously
View of the show


Anonymous said...

During my brief eight-months-or-so stay in GA we did catch the laser show at Stone Mtn so these pictures are bringing back memories for me. AWESOME!!!!

Jackie said...

We also hit up the laser show once or twice while we were there. I'm not gonna lie--I don't remember anything about it expect it taking forever to start. Apparently 10 year olds are hard to satisfy.

But it looks like you guys had fun. And I'm glad. :)

The Nates said...

That looks amazing. You guys must have had a great time!


Rocketgirl said...

Le sigh - I've never been. Jared went once for a white trash party - completely with cut-offs and a mullet wig - and has decided he doesn't need to experience it again so I need to find some racist lackey to take me:) But it does look like a blast!

The Mortensen's said...

Doesn't matter how many times I sat and watched that show...it still was super fun! I still remember accidently tripping some LARGE woman and hid under a blanket so she wouldn't kill me! She was screaming at random people and I was truly scared for my life!
Did you know they spend about 1 million dollars a summer putting on that show? Is it worth it?