hole in one

I have to give a shout out to my husband Steve for getting his first hole-in-one on Saturday February 9. He hit the shot. Adam and Steve were watching the ball as it bounced on the green. Started to roll towards the flag. Then disappeared.
Steve in a bit of confusion:
"Did that just go in?"
Adam with reassuring excitement:
"Hey I think you just got a hole in one!"
Foursome of guys playing behind them:
"Hey man, did that just go in?"
Steve, realization setting in:
"Yeah I just got a HOLE-IN-ONE!"
= BEST DAY EVER for a game of golf - way to go Steve-O

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The Keetch Family said...

Chad and Steve share the same obsession, although Chad is definally jealous of anyone golfing in February. We saw the tournament at Pebble Beach yesterday for a minute and both looked at eachother and said..."why don't we live there." We may need to make that happen.

The Hunters said...

My Steve shares the same obsession as well, and would also be jelous to know your hubby is golfing in Feb. Way to go a hole in one!!! Maybe he needs to hit the PGA :)

Kellie & Steve said...

that would be his dream come true. His goal is to break 80 this year.

Adam B said...

It was warm that day my friends. The wind was blowing. Not like a light whisper, but instead like the force that will rip a kite from your kung fu grip. Golfers cowered at every hole in the face of all adversity: the soggy grounds, the slow play, and menacing low powered golf carts. But not for Steve Clark. No. The cart slowly pull up to the 13th hole. For most a forboding omen of failure. Steve stepped out of the cart and looked at the hole and grabbed his weapon of choice. And just then the moment went silent. Time slowed down. The trees turned to watch. Steve took a few practice swings almost as if he needed them, athough all that were around knew that it was just routine. And then just like that and almost without a sound the ball was sailing through the air. And before anybody realized, the ball dropped on the left side of the green, took a few short hops to the right and rolled toward the flag. Almost as though there had been some sort of worm hole or time warp, the ball disappeared. Yes my friends, it dropped. The score card read '1' on the 13th hole. This is my witness.

Jackie said...

Adam, you kill me. That's freaking hilarious.

High fives to Steve!

Carter Family said...

Congrats! I love the witness of Adam's story! I have golfed for many years and while lucky enough to hit one in from 100 yrd out on a par 5, never have I ever had a hole in one. I am jealous! Can I have some lessons?