i heart chuck

I had to post a shameless plug for CHUCK on NBC Monday nights. I thought the previews were kind of crazy but intriguing at the same time and we started watching the show and love it. The characters are funny and the humor is pretty clever. If you are lacking in tv show love, check this.


The Mortensen's said...

I heart Chuck!

mwaymo said...

We watch this show too! Mark absolutely loves it. (but he's a computer geek too, so he relates!) I like it too. My fav new show is Carpoolers.

The A Team said...

I'll have to check this out. Now that the Bachelor is over I might have room in the lineup for a new one. About Kevin's bros: Jared lives in SLC and is single. He's working for a company like Tahitian Noni but I can't remember the name. Stan's been married for 2 years and lives in Provo. They are both doing great. BTW, I liked your glittering gourds. My girls would love to try that one next year :) You'll also have to tell Kandis Congrats for her 2nd pregnancy!!