giving thanks

Thanksgiving for the Clarks...well there was definately some good eats - minus the turkey. Basically, the turkey ended up being undercooked due to an experimental cooking technique (lol) suggested by Steve's Aunt to Steve's mom and there was barely enough cooked breast meat for the actual dinner for everyone. Instead of trying to save the bird and finish cooking it, it just stayed out on the stove and ended up dying a lonely death in the garbage. :( Desserts were a hit though to top off the meal and I took my turn in making the Pumpkin Chocolate cake which was delicious and a hit with the relatives.

This pic is for my mom...I was in charge of the table and glittered a bunch of gourds, good times.

Adult table, cousins table, and the messy little boys table.

Cute Cole just wanted his picture taken - posed and ready.


The Hunters said...

Next time I'm in charge of a party, you're hired!

mwaymo said...

You are just way too talented. I am not sure I can be your friend. ;)

The Hanson Family said...

That picture of you and your husband is so good. You look so pretty. At my Thanksgiving, after cooking for like 20 hours, I looked a little haggard! Beautiful table. Ours consisted of napkins and extra bowls of gravy! (the kids sat at the adult table this year!!!)

Kellie & Steve said...

thanks Megan for the complement. I have to say, my hair was a bit more curled upon arrival. The whole house was blazin hot and humid for some reason (obviously from the constant heat of the oven). I felt like myself and my hair were dying a slow death by the time dinner rolled around, and it's like 'I'm so glad I went to all the effort of trying to dress-up and curl my hair when in the end I feel like I need to go take a shower.' lol