happy birthday to me

I turned 28 years old on Friday! 2 years and counting til 30, yikes!

Steve gave me new gym shoes and a new ipod shuffle (my old one is dying). I got classic money from the parentals, and kitchen stuff from the Barlows and Kelleys. It was a great birthday. We went out for my favorite - THAI FOOD - for dinner.


The Barnos said...

Um, you just took me on a time warp!!! That's how I totally think of you sometimes b/c that's when I saw you the most!
Happy Birthday! And I just turned 30 on 10/3 and it's not so bad. Just eat lots of cake!

Scott and Tangi Larsen said...

Happy Birthday! You have finally joined the rest of us 28 year olds. How do you feel? Freakin old, huh! Well...hope you had a blast with the fam, it looks like you did....luv tangi

Anonymous said...

I totally have those shoes but in black. They are very comfy and styling.

Happy B-day Cous! 30 isnt bad, oh wait, that was last year.

Jackie said...

happy belated! i'm glad the fam could be there for the festivities.