epic failure

We have been super excited for CARS 2 to come out all month and planned the time to go the first Saturday it was out. Steve and me may have been the most excited. Cooper loves the first CARS movie and so we played it up and got popcorn and candy and were all set for a sweet show. Needless to say our excitement ended about 5 minutes into the movie. Cooper was not impressed and was ready to go play. Steve and I took turns for about the next hour letting Cooper run in the hallways and playing with his toy cars until we finally just bounced. bummer, won't be trying this again for another year with this kid.

Personal Review of what we did see of the movie: THUMBS DOWN. (a) Didn't like all the guns and violence and motive to kill the cars and (b) didn't like how they chose Mater to be an undercover spy because he came across as 'stupid'. We will continue to watch CARS 1 because of the better messaging of the movie.

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