beach vs pool

We cruised to the beach for the morning again and although I love the beach, Cooper still voted the pool.

He played for a bit in the sand...

And observed the waves...

And was ready to head back to the car. Booo, so we went back for lunch and naps.

We went and hung out at Pier Park later for dinner and some shopping around. Cooper was being a goof while eating some pizza. Dad and Cooper are besties.

Cooper could have played with this car display for hours. He would grab them off their shelving and line them up on the other shelf. He cannot get enough cars these days.

That evening we enjoyed the pool some more and Cooper had a blast with playing catch with Dad.

His expressions are the best these days.

Hanging with his favorite buddy

Swimming with mom was almost as fun as with his Dad, licorice topped off the night though.

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