grandpa the greatest

Well this cool guy decided he was bored of this world and wanted to see his wife and friends on the other side. The day after we got back from Utah we got the call that my 94 yr old Grandpa Earl had passed away. He is one of the best men I know and I am so proud he was my grandpa.

My whole family was able to make it out for the funeral just a few days later thanks to the help of my generous parents. The whole event, although sad because we'll miss our grandpa, was for the most part a happy one.

My aunt had a bunch of balloons brought to the cemetery to be released into the sky. This was a fun moment for everyone as we watched them disappear.

My whole Olson Family

The fun didn't stop after the funeral because my Aunt Janalyn thought it'd be fun to wrap up a bunch of trinkets and decor from my grandparents house and let all us grandkids and great grandkids open and inherit some 'awesome' treasures white elephant style.

As you can see we got some winners, they didn't all make it home with us though ;)

All of my cousins and our awesome prizes! Thanks Janalyn for these sweet memories. A fun way to celebrate my grandpa and his life. We had a great time being together for the weekend. We'll miss you grandpa!

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Mortensen Baby Farm said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa...he was such a lovely person - always smiling! Glad you could all get together to celebrate him!