aqua boy

Could you die over this pic? I love it! We took grandpa great to the aquarium for the day with Cooper's cousins. He thought the fish were pretty amazing.

my favorite - the jellyfish

The Kelley cousins, ready to go with their maps, they were out tour guides ;)

I could barely snap this because he kept looking back at the fish behind him.

Weird worm/eel things that pop out of the sand

Me and my new fish boy.

Lone Cooper and the world of fish

The shark coming to get him

These awesome new rays were HUGE!

Clark had the cutest grin in this first pic, and the other Cooper is totally enthralled with Clark letting him know what all the fish were.

There's nothing like showing this kid something new.


Jackie said...

Such cool pictures! Man, that kid is cute. :)

Emily said...

Seriously awesome photos

Dana said...

Love the pics!! Especially the first one and the one of Cooper sitting along by the tank.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Great shots Kelli!

jerantula said...

wow nice photos and awesome blog