besties with babies

From this back in 2000...

...to this, all married and new babies within a month of each other - Kristen in August, me in September, and Emily in October. My best friend Ems came to see me for an overdue meetup. I hadn't seen her since she got married 2.5 years ago and we just had to see each other, it was time. We missed Kristen on this trip (#3 for her with baby Abby) but Emily and me were so glad to get together.

Especially because we had to introduce our new little babes to each other, Cooper meet Caroline.

These two had so much fun playing and grabbing each other over the few days. You could say they had a thing for one another ;)

I mean you can't deny the fact they are best friends like their moms already.

Caroline was even clapping already, she was just a little doll.

We strolled the botanical gardens and this was the new edible garden area.

A whole wall of herbs in a geometric pattern, so cool. Am I the only one that likes this stuff?

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Emily said...

Hooray! Yes of course they are besties already! We are so showing them these photos when they hit BYU! Caroline was totally digging Cooper ;)