robin hood?

Tryouts for the Renaissance Festival? No, Steve's mom signed us all up for an Archery Lesson. Seriously.
As much as we joked about it beforehand, it ended up being SO FUN!
Steve taking a shot. Watch out Robin, you have a competitor
Kasey hit a bullseye right from the beginning, I think this may become her new hobbie, ha!
Shot on the left target
Everyone was pretty serious about their shooting. Precise skill and movement is the key.
Me getting my aim on.
Our lady coach, she was the best. (I think she's probably an annual Renaissance Festival attendee ;)


Mortensen Baby Farm said...

That really looks fun!! You need a "beware of armed wife" sign in your yard! Sweet!

c said...

okay, random. but fun! i sure wish we had family around to shoot bull's eyes with. or attend renaissance fairs. (i hear the turkey legs are incredible.)