pumpkin pizz-atch

Our Fifth annual Trip to Burt's Farm and the Apple Festival. Cooper was in for a treat.
You've never seen so many pumpkins!
The Clarks now 3!
I wanted a pic of Cooper laying on a giant pumpkin but he had just sacked out. I couldn't risk waking this sweet boy up.
Staying warm with dad, a chilly 55ยบ day.
The Kelley's
Cole riding the tractor

This one is for grandma, thanks for the shirt, happy halloween to you!


lindsey said...

Cooper is SO cute!

And you look GREAT! I feel so huge and awkward right now, even if it is for a good cause!

Kandis said...

Wow, I'm a little bit Georgia homesick seeing your pics. It was definitely not the same this year without the annual Burt's Pumpkin trip with the Clarks...SAD! But it looked awesome and Cooper is such a little cutie!!!

Carter Family said...

Nice pics! Nothing like the Fall time for good pictures! :-)