canadian love

Cardston, Lethbridge temple...awesome. We were able to attend a session there Saturday morning where Kurt's fiancee Paige went for the first time. They put on their wedding attire afterwards to get pictures with 'her temple.' They will be getting married in Idaho Falls this weekend.

That evening they had a reception in Lethbridge and the line was nonstop the whole time. It was beautiful evening of pink and yellow and happy faces.
All of us girls and Lincoln hanging out during the party in our pink attire.
Kurt and his sisters, what a great night.


Michelle said...

Her cake was awesome!!! There were tons of missionaries on my mission from Lethbridge, lots of Mormons there!

Jackie said...

Yay for Kurt!

You Olson girls/guy look fabulous.

Dana said...

Your hair looks so good when you curl it! Mine never looks like that. Can you come over and show me how you do it?

The Barnos said...

Looks like a really beautiful wedding. and you Olson's are too freaking cute!

Sabrina said...

You girls are all so pretty! Congratulations to Kurt!