christmas with the clarks

We spent Christmas at the Clarks this year and it was a good party!
Ben and Pip with our homemade presents
Steve's present from Brian, a framed line drawing.
Pip made Kasey and me these awesome scrapbooked calendars where we can insert our own pics for the year. So cute!
Steve holding baby Tate. We had a fun morning with breakfast and hanging out but then he had to go to work the rest of the day, bummer.
Enjoy Christmas, drink Coke! Actually this is a picture of the Chef and Sous Chef for Christmas Dinner. Pip was out with a hurt leg so we took over the kitchen. Me and B had some good times, the Coke got us through the meal, lol.


The Mortensens said...

You are a craft nut! I love everything! I am thinking I should do the golf game for Dan for his b-day! We always find the coolest stuff on your blog. Thanks!

You are amazing!

Adam B said...

Those were all really awesome gifts...looks like everyone went above and beyond...that always makes it fun. Happy New Year!