daniel & joanie's wedding

Daniel and Joanie were married in Orlando on Saturday and we were glad we could attend the party. Daniel was a good grad school friend of Steve's. It was a fun weekend hanging out with all of Steve's pharmacy friends again. We even did a little salsa dancing, thanks to the Wilson's ;)
Walking down the aisle; the happy couple; part of the wedding party
Josh Jenkins and girlfriend Stefanie; Cliff & Rachel Blanchard; Steve and Me
Orlando History Center (where the wedding/reception was); the guys - Josh, Steve, Mike, Cliff
the girls - Rachel, Me, and Bethany
Joanie's awesome dress; tossing the bouquet
Outside with Sparklers; Sending them off
Thanks for the party you guys! We had a blast!


Scott and Tangi Larsen said...

kell. how fun. hey are you coming home for the 4th?

Anonymous said...

Wedding dress - AWESOME
Last pic with the sparkler - AWESOME

Looks like you had a good time!

Jamie said...

Looks like fun! Wish we could see you on the fourth! You look really pretty in your pics!

The Keetch Family said...

you guys are always traveling. life before kids kell....live it up! i love your purple dress and the blue jewlry...cute as always. looks like it was a gorgeous wedding.

Kristen said...

I love that you guys are always going fun places. Hmm.....Chicago? Oh well, we'll have to come backs someday because it is an awesome city!!! Anyway, looked like a Paaaarty. Miss you!

Michelle said...

Kellie, you are HOT!!

Bryan and Marissa said...

Kell I love the dress and accessories you look super cute