shout out for snow

I have to give two thumbs up for the snow storm that occured here in Georgia on Saturday. It was the most I've ever seen here, maybe 2 inches but it didn't stick of course. The world did shut down for the weekend because of it, grocery stores bought out, businesses closing in the middle of the day, church cancelled for Sunday - for what? Scary white flakes falling from the sky - please, these people need to take a trip West and see a real snow storm.


The Mortensen's said...

Oh to have church canceled for snow sounds so dreamy...(our church starts at 8 in the stinken morning so...)!
I love how the world shuts down there when it snows. I still remember Christmas morning in Atlanta, we were out jumping on our new trampoline in shorts and long sleeve t's!

The Barnos said...

When we moved from Utah to Alabama as kids I remember at that young age of 8 being floored when my mom came in and said school was cancelled. I looked out the window and there was literally a dusting on the grass. The streets were black and ready to rock and roll on! Even here in NJ the world shuts down for snow. But trust me it's safer. The peeps in the South can't drive in that weather and they will kill you. So thank your lucky stars!